Seeking: Outgoing Person Excited To Build A Strong Real Estate Business Working With Buyers

The North Idaho Dream Team is on the lookout for an outgoing person that wants to work with buyers, helping them find their dream home.

Your strengths and skills will be in building relationships, connecting with people and building trust.  Our strengths and skills are in guiding you in making the right connections, bringing those connections in deeper relationship with you, assisting and guiding you in the administrative tasks and teaching you the technology.  Our skills in mentoring, guiding and training will take you to personal fulfillment levels beyond your dreams.

We welcome inquiries from both licensed and unlicensed individuals.  We are currently looking for individuals who would like to begin their real estate career in the Kootenai County market.

This is a commission based opportunity and you will have to have personal motivation and a burning desire to build your own business.  The opportunity is virtually limitless and with our guidance and your participating on our team, you will be one of the top 50 agents in Kootenai County by the end of 2011.

The North Idaho Dream Team is gaining market share daily in a market in which less than 50% of the agents have actually closed a transaction this year.  The last 2 months of 2010 compromise nearly 25% of our entire 2010 business volume, historically the lowest sales months of the year.  With the guidance and direction of an excellent business coach, we are poised to more than triple the volume of our already strong business presence in 2011 (January 2011 is current scheduled to be our strongest in 5 years and it’s only the 1st week of December).

We are overwhelmed with the busy-ness of our growing business.  If you would like to learn more and potentially join our team, please email your resume and cover letter to Christina as soon as possible.

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  1. I am interested in a real estate training opportunity in/around Sandpoint. I am currently in California but plan on moving to Hope this year. I have seen some of the on-line training for licenses, but also wanted to see what type of hands on training your office has available.


    1. Hi Carrie –

      Thanks for connecting with us! Although some of our agents service the Sandpoint area, our brokerage is physically located in Post Falls/Coeur d’Alene. There are a couple of wonderful firms in the Sandpoint area you can connect with that offer various types of training within their firms. Unfortunately, we are not equipped to train in that geogrphical area. Additionally, our firm is designed for agents who have strong businesses and want freedom to manage, promote, run their businesses as they see fit without being dictated to and charged outrageous fees. We are not the right brokerage for new agents in the business. Thank you for connecting though! Give me a call if you would like information on the brokerages that are in that area. I am more than happy to help you.


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