Don’t get caught in a flood of your own making. Preventing Frozen Pipes 101

Flooding.  It’s not just for lakes and rivers.

Don’t get caught in a flood of your own making.  Seriously.

This is so timely.  I read this article this week on City of Coeur d’Alene’s blog and felt strongly I should share it with y’all.  Especially since we are finally in the season of freeze!  Here’s a synopsis.  Read the entire article by clicking on the title link.

Preventing Frozen Pipes 101

When it gets cold, the city starts to get calls about frozen pipes …

  • disconnected all outside garden hoses
  • foundation vents should be closed for the winter
  • cover all exposed pipes with insulation
  • open cabinet doors along exterior walls containing pipes

Water pipes usually aren’t high maintenance household items until they freeze and burst. With a little preventative care now, you can avoid frozen pipes…

Read the entire article for more details and to learn how to defrost frozen pipes.

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