Ask the Agent: My House Won’t Sell, What Do I Do?

Q. My house won’t sell.  I’m in Coeur d’Alene.  What do I do?

A. Honestly, without knowing more about your situation, I can only speculate.  However, in my years of experience every home that hasn’t sold has been narrowed down to 2 reasons…

  1. Price
  2. Exposure

First and foremost, pricing your home right over comes ALL faults including: condition of the home, location of the home, market conditions, etc.  If your home is not priced properly, it won’t sell. What you paid for the home and what you want to make from the home MEAN NOTHING.  They are NOT a part of pricing your home properly.

Second, IF your home is priced PROPERLY, the next issue is exposure.  Is your home on the Coeur d’Alene Multiple Listing Service?  If it is, is it in the right category?  Are there outstanding and plenty of pictures?  Has your agent provided descriptive information about your property in the MLS?

After confirming that there are plenty of good photos and that your home is categorized correctly and there is descriptive information provided, where has your home been syndicated to?  What additional websites is your home published on?

Do you have a sign on your property?  since over 1/3 of buyers found the home they ultimately bought from the SIGN – make sure you have a sign.  Make sure your agent ANSWERS THEIR PHONE and RETURNS calls in a quickly manner.  Buyers don’t like to wait to get information.

There is so much more to exposure that I can’t get in to here.  If you’d like more details, give us a call.

Chuck & Christina Ethridge

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