A strange phone call – marketing and promotion of real estate in North Idaho

I received the strangest phone call last night . . .

Someone called me about Radiant Lake – a man-made lake in Rathdrum Idaho – it’s becoming quite beautiful there actually.

Anyway, apparently this person had driven around Radiant Lake and found it beautiful. Then, they found our website and were looking up listings on Radiant Lake (via our link to the MLS). The individual called me and expressed their disappointment about how I market beautiful areas such as this.


They left a name and phone number (it rang through on my cell so I had the number) – but when I called back, it went to a spanish voice system (I don’t speak spanish so I have no clue what it was saying) so I wasn’t able to speak with this person directly unfortunately.

Why am I perplexed? Well, because I do not market Radiant Lake directly. We do work with individual sellers there but we are not responsible for or involved in the marketing and promotion of Radiant Lake as a whole.

In other words, the individual was seeing another agent’s version of marketing and thought it was my marketing (or rather, lack thereof).

This is NOT good. Not good that another agent’s sloppy representation of a real estate development is being looked at as MY representation of the development.

So, the question is, how do I communicate this to prospective buyers and sellers? I do excellent marketing (just take a look at our virtual tours) and feel high quality photos are the first line of marketing of real estate (one of many avenues used in marketing properties).

How do I communicate to buyers that when they see properties for sale, although they are seeing them by accessing them through my websites, I am not actually the person responsible for marketing those properties??

It disgusts me how few agents actually utilize beautiful photos in promoting their properties. Considering that fully more than 80% of buyers utilize the internet in their search, you’d think it would be a priority. With a digital camera – taking a ton of photos is FREE – utilizing maybe 45 minutes of the agents (or photo taker’s) time to actually take the photos.

Anyway, I’m posting this to clarify to everyone, what you see in the MLS as available for sale – is simply that – available for sale. I am not necessarily the listing agent on the property, although we are here to help prospective buyers on any property in Kootenai County.

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