8 "Never Fail" Tactics To Sell Your Home Fast In A Declining Market.

As promised, here it is:  8 “Never Fail” Tactics To Sell Your Home Fast In A Declining Market.

  1. Price your home at least 1/2% below today’s market value.  With home prices declining daily, you need to stay ahead of the decline.
  2. Know that you will have to negotiate from your listed price, but that pricing above today’s market value only makes your home over-priced to buyers, they won’t see it as “negotiating room” when other homes are more competitively priced.
  3. In marketing, 46% of buyers bought their home after seeing a sign in front of it.  You want to promote your home as much as possible – it needs exposure to sell.
  4. Lockboxes help minimize time consuming activities such as multiple phone calls just to get into a home.  When Buyers Agents are out showing property to their buyers, they are going to skip properties that require them to go pick up a set of keys (and return them) or that require that the seller or listing agent is present.  Make it as easy as possible for buyers to see your home.
  5. Be prepared for showings ‘on the fly’.  Many buyers see homes as they are driving around with their REALTORS® and want to go in them with very short notice.  It is often these exact buyers that are “the ones”.  They fall in love with your homes curb appeal and adore the neighborhood.  Don’t miss “the ones” because you want a few hours or even a days notice to show.
  6. Keep your home in model home condition.  You can not live in your home like you normally do when it’s on the market for sale.  There is a reason model homes look the way they do – they help sell homes at top prices.  Do you want top price for your home?  Get it and keep it in model home condition.
  7. The cleaner the home is, the more it will sell for, guaranteed.  This is spring cleaning 101 time.  Pull out the fridge, clean inside of it (yes, even if it’s not staying with the home), clean under the stove, clean the ceiling fans, clean and scour every speck of space in the home, garage and yard.  Your payback will be phenomenal.  Clean homes mean caring owners.  Buyers know owners care about their home with it’s spic and span.
  8. All those pesky little ‘quirks’ you’ve been living with such as missing face plates, that non-working gas fireplace, that ‘must jiggle to flush’ toilet handle, the nail holes you’ve been hiding behind art work, that dead grass from the kids swimming pool that you haven’t replaced… get it done.  The last thing you want is a prospective buyer to find any reason not to like your home.

Need some help?  Let me know.  I’ve sold a lot of home, both my own and my clients.  I’ll help you get the most money, in the least amount of time, with the lowest possible stress.

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  1. Another small and helpful tip is to always have a fresh plate of cookies or brownies set out that the prospective buyer can snack on as they view the home. It is important to appeal to as many senses as possible so they will have pleasant memories when considering whether or not to buy the home.

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