4 easy steps to eliminate sensory overload when shopping for a home.

As a home buyer, do you know if you are in sensory overload?  Sensory overload is:

a condition where one or more of the senses are strained and it becomes difficult to focus on the task at hand.

Are there homes that make you breath a huge sigh of relief, that make you feel relaxed?  Are there homes that make you feel tense, agitated, ready to leave as quickly as possible?

Of course, this happens when one goes into a clean and clutter free home vs. a messy & dirty home.

However, did you know it also happens in clean and clutter free homes?

When you are out looking at homes – take time just to get in touch with how the home makes you FEEL.  Do you feel relaxed and want to be there, or do you feel like you want to leave.  Is the home the perfect layout yet something is just not quite right?

If so, it could be sensory overload.

Perhaps the walls are wallpapered with patterns, or the colors are too disjointed.  Perhaps the cabinets have too many variances with high contrast knobs and handles.  Perhaps the counters and flooring don’t create a visually appealing and soothing line for your eye to follow.

The key is to establish which things can quickly, easily and inexpensively be changed and which can not.

  1. Separate the ‘mechanics’ of the home vs. the ‘feeling’ of the home.  Most people struggle with this step the most.  Clutter & decor is a huge turn off for home buyers and often prevents buyers eyes from going farther than the stuff in the house to actually seeing the house itself.
  2. If you like the mechanics then move to the feeling.  How does the home make you feel?  Are you relaxed? Happy? Tense? Agitated?
  3. If you feel tense, start looking around and establish why.  Is it a) owner items (which will be removed) or is it b) decor: walls, floors, cabinets or is it c) architecture design & structure
  4. Once you’ve established what it is, can it be changed and if so, are you willing and able to make the changes necessary to eliminate the sensory overload?

When you go to see homes, make sure you step into the home with these steps running through your mind.  Do your best to see beyond the current occupants possessions and decor and envision the home “naked”.

When you are ready to go see homes, call Chuck to get some showings scheduled.  208-906-3370

Here are some homes for sale in Coeur d’Alene & Post Falls – remember, look beyond the “clothing”.

Post Falls Homes for Sale

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Coeur d’Alene Homes for Sale

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