24 Hour Real Estate Hot Sheet

Just for kicks I ran a hot sheet on the Coeur d’Alene & Post Falls Real Estate Market for the past 24 hours.  Here’s what happened:

  1. 58 new listings were put on the market
  2. 8 listings were cancelled
  3. 17 listings closed (recorded and changed hands)
  4. 7 listings expired
  5. 24 listings went pending (buyers and sellers came to terms and plan on closing)
  6. 3 listings were withdrawn
  7. 7 listings extended their listing contracts
  8. 1 listing went back on the market
  9. 28 listings had price changes

Looking at one 24-hour period in Coeur d’Alene & Post Falls doesn’t give us a true history or direction.  However, it is interesting.  Consider this:

  1. 3.4x more listings are being PUT on the market than are closing.
  2. For every listing closing, 1 is being taken off the market.
  3. 50% of listings are reducing their prices.
  4. Less than half of all listings are getting viable offers.

Even on a 24-hour hot sheet, one can see that it’s still imperative that you price your home perfectly so that it is one of the chosen homes to sell.



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