There's no place to go but up: Idaho is in 51st place . . .

YEAH!  We made it! Crashed to the bottom of the heap.  After several years of being ranked in the top 10, even the top 5, Idaho finally made it to #51.

#51 in housing price appreciation that is. In other words, from October 1st of 2009 to September 30th of 2010, Idaho had the lowest appreciation rate, also known as the highest depreciation rate, of every single state, including Washington D.C.

Our lovely State’s “Percent Change in House Prices” was -9.78% according to FHFA’s Housing Price Index. Compared with my own assessment of -6.2% year-over-year for Kootenai County, that’s a worse showing for the state as a whole.  With what I hear going on in the southern part of the state, this makes sense.

Whether we are at our bottom or not is a whole other assessment and I’ll need some fantastic crystal balls to determine that answer.

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