Tested Tried & True: One of my favorite "Foodie" resources

I just wanted to share one of my all time favorite “foodie” resources – it’s a video blog and it’s the place that I learned how to make the BEST ribeye steak EVER.  I’m not joking.  It is better than eating out, the seasoning, the inside cooking level, the outside crispness – Oh . My . Heaven it is so good.  It is so good, we’ve spent WAY too much money on buying good grain fed ribeye meat to enjoy :-).  Since @Chuck_Ethridge (hubby) is a beef lover and I’m not so much one – and I really like this recipe, it’s the way we compromise and the way he gets me to cook beef, good beef 🙂

Anyway, thought I would share the resource with you – enjoy!

Food Wishes – Video Recipes

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