Tested Tried & True: My Perspective

Ok, by now you know I’m over-sharing my life.  Anyway, if you want to know what this series is about, read here

A little about my perspective.  While I love seeing ‘cutely designed’ foods (for little kids), and ultra-healthy meals and such.  The reality is, I don’t have time to make ‘cutely designed’ foods in order to get my kids to eat it.  I also don’t think that everything we eat needs to be perfectly ‘balanced’ or full of vegetables.

So, you won’t see recipes that require a lot of extra time for presentation.  You won’t see recipes where I’m trying to stuff in veggies to get my kids to eat them (we require they eat a veggies serving first, before most meals, before being served their main dish).  You also won’t see ‘cutsie’ foods.  I just don’t have the time.

So there.

I believe we need more protein than ‘experts’ say we do, I also believe we need more fat.  DOH!  I just said that out loud!  I’m more concerned about too much sugar content and trans-fats than I am concerned about anything else.

I also think our over use of milk is contributing to our obesity.  Oh yes I know, ‘experts’ say milk is good for you!  It’s necessary!  It’s required for calcium.  Let’s just ignore that Strawberries have more calcium than milk (not to mention 5 million other foods that have better calcium options).  Let’s also ignore that milk is made solely to take a 100 lb baby animal and turn it into a 500+ lb adult animal in under 12 months.  How’s that working for our country with it’s child obesity problems and it’s insane increase of diabetes patients??

We use milk for cooking and rare occurances of cereal, however, we don’t drink milk.  We also don’t drink juice and the kids don’t drink soda (except for special occasions).  It’s water in our house.  Water.  WATER I TELL YOU.  (ha ha ha).

Ok then.

So, that gives you an insight into my perspective.  The meals I plan are centered around this perspective.


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