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Money – it’s cheaper now.

I can tell people all day long that interest rates are historically low, but somehow, that just doesn’t resonate with most people. What does “historically low” mean to me?  The consumer? To my bottom line? WSJ: “In 1991, a $1,700 mortgage payment allowed a borrower to take out a $200,000 mortgage. Today, it gets that […]

Coeur d’Alene and Post Falls Area Real Estate Week-in-Review “Statistical Market Analysis”

Here it is – this week’s “Week-in-Review” – an overview of what’s been going on in the Coeur d’Alene Area real estate market the past 7 days.   Criteria used for this real estate statistical market analysis: Residential Homes (no multi-family, vacant lots, mobile homes, commercial or businesses) Coeur d’Alene and Post Falls areas (no […]