Spice * Interest * Transparency * Realism – WHAT?

Today is Tuesday.

Tuesday’s and Friday’s are the days each week I have dedicated to provide YOU with something spicy, interesting, transparent, realistic, etc. about real estate in the Coeur d’Alene and Post Falls markets.

Perhaps I’m just not feeling spicy or interesting today.  I’m always transparent and realistic (sometimes WAAYYYY too much so), so those aren’t issues.

It’s a stunningly beautiful day today.  This winter has been exceptionally beautiful – and by beautiful, I mean our ‘unfair share’ of crystal clear sunny days.  Cold, yes.  Sun – lots of it.  This has been perhaps my favorite winter in years.  I don’t care if we have lots of snow or little snow, I just care about Sun.  I . LOVE . SUN .

I’m looking out my office window, enjoying the pine trees moving around against the bright blue sky.  Just realized it’s probably pretty windy out there – which means cold.  Wrap up if you are going outside today.

My cat is sitting directly in the sun light from the window, basking in the warmth.  That’s typical of her.

What I love is that sometimes things are unpredictable.  This winter has been unpredictable.  So much so that meteorologists have been all over the place in their predictions of storms and their affects on our area.  It’s actually been pretty funny to observe.

What it really reminds me of is real estate.  I don’t care what the media says, they are out to SELL their news.  With fewer and fewer people actually paying for news now days (since it’s so easily accessible for free), the media has gotten more and more sensational and polarizing.

Real Estate is unpredictable, for the most part.  Unpredictable in that there are ZERO guarantees.  There is no guarantee the home you purchase will rise in value.  There is no guarantee that the home you purchase will not decrease in value after you purchase.  There is no guarantee that interest rates will rise, fall or hold steady – no matter what is reported.

No one has a crystal ball.  No one.

So.  How does anyone  make real estate decisions?   Who do you listen to?  Who do you allow to advise you?  Should you listen to anyone?  Is it the right time to buy?  What about selling, should you sell?

See, that’s the thing.  No one can answer these questions generally for you.  Every person and every situation is uniquely different.  That’s why you need to talk to someone you trust.  Someone that you KNOW will be transparent and realistic with you.  Someone you know that won’t tell you what to do, but who will share with you all of the elements and factors and then HELP  you make your decision, without influencing you in the their desired direction.

No one can make you buy, or make you sell.  No one.  It’s your choice.  But you can definitely access resources that will help you make an informed decision, based on ALL of the factors involved.

Transparent and realistic.  Help, not force.  That’s us.  Call to talk: 208-906-3370

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