Post Falls Idaho – What’s going on with home values?

Have you ever wondered what homes are really selling for?

How does today’s value of your Post Falls Idaho home compare to last years value?  Looking at the graph below, you can see that home prices are down from last year.  Average prices are down approximately $20,000 and median prices are down approximately $10,000.

DefinitionsMedian price means the exact middle – 50% of homes sold for higher than that price and 50% of homes sold for lower than that price aka “median”.  Average price means that when you compare the prices of all of the homes that sold, the average takes all prices into consideration and determines the average.  An extreme price on either end (high or low) can drastically affect the average price.

RIGHT NOW is the best time to sell – while prices are still dropping, getting the most value from your home is essential.  With an expected looonnnggg recovery period, it will be years before you see higher home values.  If you want to sell (for any reason), DON’T WAIT.  Get your home sold for the most you can get for it.  Call or email today and we’ll help you stand out and get the highest amount of money possible for your home.

[market_stats title=”Post Falls Idaho Real Estate Values – What are homes selling for?” width=”490″ height=”306″ type=”price” display=”SoldAverageListPrice,SoldAverageSoldPrice,SoldMedianListPrice,SoldMedianSoldPrice” property_type=”A” location=”City=’Post Falls’&Post Falls”]

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