Officially Responding to December's "Rock Star" Challenge . . .

Jonathan Rivera (@Real_TechGuy ) just posted about his own personal challenge: “Rock Stars Don’t Sleep“.   He’s decided to challenge himself to blog like a “Rock Star” with a post once per day throughout December.

While he hasn’t challenged anyone else to join him, I’m doing so. I accept his challenge and will also blog like a “Rock Star” every day of December.

For you, “blog” means provide you a ton of information on buying, selling, investing, rehabbing real estate in Kootenai County.  And, lots of neighborhood tours throughout Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls, Hayden, Rathdrum – AND, lots of information about the area, but not your typical “relocation packet” information – let’s delve deeper.  Let’s explore the area and tour what we have to offer: Where can you find the best omelet?  The best latte?  The best hamburger?  The best place to go in the winter?  Yeah, all that.  Join us!

Watch out world – it’s a big challenge, and I’m up for it.  I’m even getting my family involved 🙂

Thanks Jonathan!


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  1. Alright Christina- welcome to the Rock Start challenge. I can tell already your going to kick some butt because you didn’t waste any time getting this post up. It’s on!

    Good Luck and keep me posted.

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