Making Craigslist work well for you in your home search.

I’ve been putting ads for homes we have available for sale on Craigslist.

Needless to say – I’m just slightly “aghast” at the ads other REALTORS are putting out there.  I can only imagine that the consumer is beyond frustrated.

I’m talking about the REALTORS who continually ignore Craigslist terms of service.

Putting up false ads (making the consumer believe they are clicking on an ad for a specific home and voila – it’s an ad to click through to see a list of homes).  In other words, they are doing misleading advertising.

Putting up ads that are for services, not for a specific home, in the “homes offered” category.  Again, yet another frustration for the consumer.  They expect to see info about specific homes and then instead see a promo for an agent’s services.

That has GOT to be frustrating for consumers!

My question for consumers – why do you allow it?  Craigslist is YOUR community.  Use the FLAG post feature.  Use it wisely of course, but USE it.  Craigslist only works well when you policy it.

Flag posts that are not about specific homes (and they are in the “homes offered” category).

Flag posts that are misleading – the headline describes a home but the body of the ad is promoting “lists” of homes.

Make Craigslist work well for you!

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