Know when to buy or sell real estate, by looking at new car sales

In order to know when you’ve hit bottom in a bad economy, you have to look at various industries.  I like to look at housing and at automobiles.

When the economy is improving, more people buy vehicles.

When more people buy vehicles, they start buying houses.

When more people buy houses, prices stop depreciating, stabilize and begin appreciating.

How long this process takes is anyone’s guess.

Thought this was a good read today:

“Will our economy improve?  I believe it will; it has been improving for about the last two years.  I know this because I have a special crystal ball that reveals the future!  Actually, part of the crystal ball is in print form:  the weekly editions ofAutomotive News.  I am particularly interested in…”

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Are you ready to buy now?  Start here.

Are you ready to sell now?  Start here.

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