Is real estate price disclosure a good thing for Idaho? I say NO.

And my answer has nothing to do with “unfairly muscle in on turf controlled by multiple listing services, the private databases that allow real estate brokers to share information.” (This is what the Idaho Statesman thinks is the ‘real reason’ Realtors oppose disclosure).

No – I opposed disclosure because “Most states that require some form of sales price disclosure use the information to charge transfer taxes. When economic times are hard, 35 of those 38 states have gone down that route . . .a “slippery slope of sales price disclosure.”

Counties have been privileged to be provided sales information from local Realtor associations. When faced with the reality that they have always known, but refuse to realize is THEIR fault, they balk and demand legislation. Let’s put it this way – Kootenai County has always known that they needed to have a full-time paid assessor on staff – one that goes out and assesses property. Instead, they’ve been using data provided by the Coeur d’Alene association of Realtors. All fine and dandy, but now they want it mandatory, not optional.

How can anyone believe that it’s solely for assessment value? Hello? It doesn’t stop here. I give it 3 years at most before mandatory transfer taxes are charged. Some excuse will be made that budgets are short, growth is strong, and that transfer taxes are the only place to make up the revenue.

In other words, property owners are the ones getting screwed yet again.

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