Homes for Sale in Riverside Harbor Post Falls Idaho – December 2010

I’m testing something out – tell me what you think:

Looking for a home in Riverside Harbor?  It’s a great community – we love it so much we live there!  Boasting a private beach, private park, walkable access to city and state parks with beaches, walkable access to the Centennial Trail, centrally located between Coeur d’Alene and Post Falls with insanely easy access to just about anywhere in North Idaho and Eastern Washington.  Riverside Harbor is a really great neighborhood.

Here are the homes for sale this month – interested in one?  Let’s go see it!

Here’s the full list of homes for sale in Riverside Harbor – just click on one in the widget above for more details.  Lots of waterfront options available on Shoreline Drive.

  • 303 S. Cedar Street
  • 5079 E. Portside Court
  • 5004 E. Shore Cove
  • 103 S. Aerie Court
  • 105 S. Aerie Court
  • 606 S. Riverside Harbor Drive
  • 5295 E. Steamboat
  • 106 S. Harbor Park Court
  • 602 S. Shoreline Court
  • 606 S. Shoreline Court
  • 4868 E. Shoreline Drive
  • 1107 S. Riverside Harbor Drive
  • 5137 E. Twila Court
  • 5503 E. Marina Court
  • 906 S. Riverside Harbor Drive
  • 902 S. Riverside Harbor Drive
  • 5763 E. Shoreline Drive
  • 5503 E. Shoreline Drive
  • 5301 E. Shoreline Drive
  • 5583 E. Shoreline Drive
  • 5619 E. Shoreline Drive

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