Either you’re the idiot – or they’re the idiot – which is it?

A letter to Post Falls & Coeur d’Alene Idaho Homeowners

Dear Mr./Ms. Seller:

Please explain to me why you would list your home for sale with an agent at a price that is 20% higher than a good “sold analysis” indicates your home will sell for?

Do you want to sell your home or are you just messing around wasting everyone’s time and money?  Yes, you are wasting your money when your home is over-priced (not to mention you are wasting the agent’s time and money).

Did the agent do a sold analysis for you? Did you just pick the agent who gave you the “highest price” or did you have the agent give you a thorough explanation for the price they arrived at?

Did you decide you needed to “list” your home at this absurd price because you owe more than it’s worth?  Do you really believe a crazy buyer is going to magically appear out of no-where and spend 20% more on your home then another comparable home?

Did the agent “buy” your listing (AKA over price it just to have a listing)?

Spokane River in Post Falls Idaho Spring Run Off

Don’t think your Post Falls home is over-priced?  Can’t believe I’m calling out idiots?

Has your home been on the market for more than 80 days without an accepted offer?  It’s over priced.

Has your home had fewer than 10 showings in the first 3 weeks it was listed?  It’s over priced.

Were you told that homes aren’t selling right now & it’ll take several months to sell?  It’s over priced.

It doesn’t matter what you owe, what upgrades you’ve done, what you think you need, what you paid, what you want, what other homes that are for sale are listed for.  NONE of those things matter.

The ONLY thing that matters are the SOLD comparables.  That’s it. 

This market is tough.  Don’t be an idiot and don’t list with an idiot.  Make your agent DO THEIR JOB.  You are paying them to, first and foremost, – price your home RIGHT.  At the sweet spot.  Where homes ARE selling in today’s market.

Ready for the real thing?  Get your Post Falls, Idaho home’s true, realistic & viable selling value – today.

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