Don't bother trying to sell your home if you aren't going to let anyone see it . . .

Think that is a ridiculous statement? Unfortunately, it’s all to true. Our buyer’s agents run into this issue all too often.

Last weekend, one of our buyer’s agents had clients ready to buy. I mean, ready to buy. Pre-approved, credit approved, down-payment in hand, ready to go. On Friday he started calling on listings to schedule showings. Some agents make it impossible to connect with them to schedule a showing – that’s a whole other post that I’ll write about at a later date. Some agents and their sellers are absolutely great. Buyer’s agents can call and get a property shown within a few hours. This is the ideal situation and shows a proactive seller and agent.

Then, we run into the following situation: our buyer agent calls the listing agent to schedule a showing. Listing agent calls the seller and the seller says “Tomorrow doesn’t work for us, try again Sunday”. OOOO KKKKKK. So, buyer agent calls again the next day and seller says “It doesn’t work for us today either, try again tomorrow”. Sorry, no can do. Buyers are only available to see properties on Saturday’s and Sunday’s and quite frankly, they are going to make an offer on something this weekend.

The bad part about this? This sellers home has been on the market for over 5 months and they’ve pulled this repeatedly with the listing agent. And interestingly enough, they’ve then called the listing agent to ask him what he’s done to sell their home?!!If I were that listing agent (well first off, I would have disconnected with that seller the first time they tried to pull this with me) I would have flat out told them that you’ve brought them buyers, they’ve rejected all buyers by not allowing their home to be shown repeatedly. I’m not exactly the most diplomatic person around (sometimes to my detriment) and frankly, sellers that pull this simply are not interested in selling, no matter how much they may trying to “say” they are otherwise.

keep your home clean when it’s for saleHere’s the deal. If you want to sell your home, you absolutely must make your home available to be shown within a short time-frame and this includes to those people who might be calling from your driveway. Secondly, your home absolutely must be in pristine condition. Frankly, I don’t care how many people are living in your home or how busy your life is. If the home isn’t ultra clean and clutter free, your home will fetch a lower dollar amount and will take longer to sell. Your life must change while your home is on the market. If you want it to sell bad enough, you’ll make that happen. If you don’t, don’t waste other people’s time playing with the market.

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