Christmas Tree Tour: North Idaho Guest Blogger

The Little Brown House Dollar Store Tree

Today let me introduce you to Sharyl Williams. She has an amazing blog for crafters, thrifty fashionistas, families, and food lovers called the Little Brown House. When I decided to feature trees this year, I knew I would want to show off hers.

Check out her blog, for many details on this tree and lots of other cool stuff!! Also read her description below the photo. Don’t forget to see the rest of my Christmas Tree Tour.

More Photos of this beautiful tree here:

The Little Brown House Dollar Store Tree

“The Little Brown House blog is where I record my journey as I take my little place in the world and make it warmer, prettier, and more tasty, with an eye for a thrifty price and a re-creatable format.

I do tutorials to show you how I make crafts, decorate and warm up a room, prepare food for family and friends, and sometimes just share life’s stories. There is even the occasional post on fashion!

I love to have people come and visit, look around and get idea’s, and leave me their thoughts and suggestions. Sharing life and ideas together. Please come by and see me – you won’t be disappointed!

When I was planning my Christmas décor for this year, I decided I would like to step away from my usual gold and white theme.  I wanted to utilize the colors and décor I already have, and find a way to “holiday” them up. So I went with a blue, silver, and white combination of colors, and used those along with glass containers I already had in all of my holiday vignettes.

When it came to the tree, I had to replace all of the ornaments I had been using with the new color palette. I wanted to do this in the most inexpensive way I could, so I hit the Dollar Store.

They have an amazing assortment of holiday and tree deocr this year, and I was able to find everything I needed to bring a festive holiday to my house and tree in colors that fit right in with my home. And I did it all for a very thrifty price – that’s a good thing!

Come over to my blog to see more of what Christmas looks like in The Little Brown House!”

~Sharyl Williams

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