Battle of the Omelets: What is it, Why am I doing it, What's the point?

I am on a quest. A quest to find the best omelets in Kootenai County.  You see, I love omelets.  Wait.  That’s an understatement.  I believe I might be able to eat omelets at every meal if they were the only option I had for food. With the right ingredients, I have yet to grow tired of omelets and sometimes I have them more than once in a day!

So, because I love omelets so much I decided I needed to set out on a quest.  I’m exploring eateries throughout Kootenai County attempting to experience omelets at every one and determine which ones are the absolute best. Then of course, I expect y’all to go and try them and see what you think ;-).

I talked to a lot of you on my facebook page asking where your favorite omelets were made. I wanted a good starting list of places to try.  Of course, I’m always asking for more places to add to my list.  I had a lot of suggestions:

  • Blue Plate
  • Boathouse
  • Breakfast Nook
  • Down the Street
  • Elmers
  • Fedora
  • Garnet
  • GW Hunters
  • Jimmy D’s
  • KC’s Breakfast Club
  • Michael D’s
  • Milltown Grill
  • Moondollars
  • Nosworthy’s
  • Old European
  • Rustlers Roost

If you have more suggestions, please do share in the comments below and I’ll add them to this list. I will essentially be eating an omelet a week until I’ve tried every one in Kootenai County – and just to clarify, I’m looking for local eateries, not chains (even if they are locally owned).

I’ve already eaten at several. If you follow me on facebook, follow our photo blog, or follow me on twitter, you’ll know where I am and get to take a peak at the feast.  Soon, very soon, I’ll start putting up my reviews and rankings as I travel around town exploring area omelets.

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