Battle of the Omelets: KC's Breakfast Club in Post Falls Idaho

KC’s Breakfast Club is across Cedar Street from the Post Falls Walmart (on Mullan).  It used to be a Chinese Buffet place (King Buffet to be exact), a place sorely missed by my 3 teenage sons.

Anyway, KC’s opens early enough to grab a good bite to eat before heading into the office.  It’s bright and cheerful and clean inside.  Service was good.

The omelet: The omelet was pretty tasty.  They had all of the ingredients I love: cheese (cheddar is my priority, if I can get additional cheese variety I will), meats (sausage and bacon to be exact), avocado’s and sour cream.  Those are always my priorities because those are what I love in omelets.  It wasn’t as “fluffy” as many omelets are.  It is my guess that they eggs weren’t as whipped up as I make them (or other places for that matter).  It didn’t diminish the taste in anyway, just made it taste slightly different as the edges of the omelet were slightly crispier (not over done, just slightly crispier).  It was a good solid omelet contender.

I ordered it sans hashbrowns, biscuits or toast.  Usually omelets are so big, I can’t eat anything else.  In fact that is always the case.  I started getting the additional stuff and taking it home to my ever ravenous teenage boys after going to KC’s Breakfast Club and Nosworthy’s.  Should have thought of that in the first place.

KC’s Breakfast Club is definitely a strong contender.

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