Ask The Agent: Seasoned Agent or Young Agent

Ask The Agent: Seasoned Agent or Young Agent?

Q. I am interviewing agents. ¬†There are two that I like, though both have different strategies. One is young and has a very strong web presence. The other has been around a while and knows many of the agents in the area as well as common practices in the neighborhood. Honestly, it’s hard to decide which agent’s tactics will get me a better price and/or a quicker sale. The younger agent wants a 5% commission and the more seasoned agent wants to keep it at 6% because there’s a competing unit offering 3% to the buyer’s agent. The difference between 5% and 6% is $6k, which I then feel I would have to make up in the sale price of my place. I find that it would be hard to do that in this market. Also, I should note that both agents agree on the list price.

A. I didn’t touch on this enough in the video: it sounds like you are leaning towards the seasoned agent yet you feel like you might be wasting that extra 1% (aka $6,000) by using that agent. ¬†Watch the video, I do explain the differences and what my personal choice is when selling my properties.

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One thought on “Ask The Agent: Seasoned Agent or Young Agent

  1. Wow what a great question, and nice response on the video. A seasoned agent, in my opinion will bring move value to the transaction due experience; however, the younger agent might bring more energy. In this difficult market, I think the experience and advice of a seasoned agent will offset the additional cost.

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