8 Fabulous Tactics To Never Sell Your Home In A Declining Market

Make sure your home will not sell in today’s declining market.  Keep implementing these tactics and you will succeed fabulously.

  1. Pick the REALTOR® who will list your home at the highest possible price.  They need lots of buyer calls so you might as well help them get buyer leads.
  2. Raise your asking price above the REALTOR® recommended listing price to cushion in a little “negotiating” room.  After all, people look at homes above their price range anyway, right?
  3. Don’t put up a sign in the yard, you don’t want the exposure anyway.  It’s better to try to sell your home in “stealth” mode.
  4. Make sure you do not allow your REALTOR® to put a lockbox on your door.  It’s so much more fun requiring buyers and their agents to make at least a dozen phone calls just to coordinate a time to see the inside of your home.
  5. Require as much notice as possible for showings. After all, it’s an inconvenience to drop what you are doing so prospective buyers can traipse through your home.
  6. Continue living in your home just like you always have. It is your home, you shouldn’t be inconvenienced and neither should your family.  After all, no one can expect you to live in a “model home”.
  7. Don’t bother cleaning to mint condition, you’re gonna sell it anyway right?
  8. Those annoying repairs you’ve been putting off – just keep putting them off. The buyers will want to make changes to the style or color anyway.

Ok, Ok.  This is all in jest of course.  However, every single one of these is based on truth and reality.  When you truly want to sell your home then you want to make it as easy as possible for prospective buyers to see it, as clean as possible so it stacks up to the competition (and ultimately blows them out of the water), and priced competitively so that it will actually sell, not languish on the market.  You want people to fall in love with your home and mentally “move themselves in”.

Remember, in a declining market, every single day your home loses value. Don’t wait until it hits bottom to sell.

Check back later this week for 8 “Never Fail” Tactics To Sell Your Home Fast In A Declining Market…

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