5 Things I Learned from Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump is someone whom I admire. Despite ‘having a silver spoon’, she’s not your typical ‘heiress’ (thank goodness). When compared with the rest of her ‘silver spoon’ compadres, she’s light years away from their trashy bimbo ways.

Ivanka Trump

Photo credit: Success Magazine

She would have achieved everything she set her mind to achieve without the access to the finest schools and connections she had. She’s driven. She’s talented. She has common sense. She’s intuitive.

I read a recent article about her that I love. In it, she identifies 5 basic things that keep her engaging with others in her business (in the tradition of ‘old school’):

  1. She writes handwritten notes on personalized stationary
  2. She sends handwritten notes to people she finds interesting or noteworthy, even if she doesn’t know them
  3. She always schedules time for return phone calls and emails
  4. She turns off her blackberry between 11pm and 6am
  5. She refuses to multi-task her communications

Do you notice a trend in these 5 things? ¬†She’s placed top priority on all things related to communication. ¬†Communication with others and communication with herself.


You can find Ivanka on facebook and twitter.

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